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Like a coworker was legit shook when I told him how Tom Jones’ Delilah was about the song’s main character talking to his dead girlfriend/wife after he murdered her because she cheated on him, waiting for the police to kick down the door to his home whilst praying for forgiveness. You are my sunshine shirt.

You are my sunshine ladies tee and ladies tee

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You are my sunshine ladies tee
Ladies tee

You’re funny, mister! Hey, that red sash looks just like my big sissie’s! She’s super strong and stuff! She controls polls! We haven’t seen her a while, but my mommy says she’ll come back soon! Her kitty had kitties! I named one Ajax but mommy says I have to let Pyr-y name the rest. Are you okay mister bunny man? Why are You are my sunshine?

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You are my sunshine sweater
You are my sunshine hoodie

I was always invested in You are my sunshine shirt emotionally and honestly depressed the time vol 3 came around. So, when Pyrrha died, I cried bad. Maybe it was because of all the stuff I had built up or how invested I was in the show, but I cried a lot. Hearing this brought back a lot of memories and emotions. Thank you for sharing it!



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