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I say this to people who are telling me about Junior and how he is Wine Happy Halloween Shirt. It’s okay if you have a kid slow in some areas and excelling in others. You have a choice, feel sorry for the things they can’t do or celebrate the things they can do, usually better than most humans. If I was the kid on America’s Got Talent (Buddy Lee I think) why should I not get on that stage and do what brings me, love? He may not be what an idol maker is looking for but that kid rips my heart out when he sings. Live the life you get not the one you wish you had. Make that life the best it can be with the tools you have.

Wine Happy Halloween Shirt with 100% cotton

Wine Happy Halloween ladies tee
Ladies tee
Wine Happy Halloween tank top
Tank top

The sci-fi comedy author Douglas Adams introduced the concept in his Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy-trilogy whereby connecting something that doesn’t really fit in (like a mountain painted pink, or a spaceship) to a Wine Happy Halloween Shirt you could turn it invisible. Like, not really invisible but the brain of anyone who saw it would completely ignore it. It’s been used as a metaphor for pointing out things that are hidden in society until someone points it out and upon which everyone else goes “Well. That’s not OK”. Closely related to the similar-in-concept “Emperor’s New Clothes”.

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Wine Happy Halloween long sleeve
Long sleeve
Wine Happy Halloween woman hoodie
Woman hoodie

They don’t fuck them up, it’s deliberate, they want a certain spin context to be damned. I never truly understood how much storytelling was far more important then actual journalism is until a neighbor who was/is a truly Wine Happy Halloween Shirt parent was made out to be a mother of the year. I’m all for glamorizing Asperger’s but it wasn’t exactly hidden what’s happening to the planet. She was obsessive wait something clear, not looking at things a different way. We all are it and choose every day to not give a fuck. That our day to day lives are more important than the future of humanity’s place on the planet. She’s not special. We are all the ones that just let it happen.

Wine Happy Halloween Shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve affordable price

Wine Happy Halloween sweater
Wine Happy Halloween hoodie

Guys, read the article. She isn’t saying Asperger’s is a superpower full stop, she’s saying it gave her purpose once she started getting into climate activism, so she considers it her superpower. She has to live with it, and I don’t think anyone can tell her that it isn’t a superpower and that she’s actually meant to be feeling really Trending shirt.


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