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I used to write things down for my doctor all the time (occasionally still do, though I’m not a regular patient) and he would take it from there..there were issues and thoughts that were too big to say out loud, so I’d write them down and leave them in the crack of the We’re true friends shirt between the arm and the cushion and just hope that he would see them.

We’re true friends shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

We're true friends shirt
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Long sleeve

Though looking back, holding them wasn’t the smartest thing. I should have left them in plain sight when I left or something… I’ve struggled my entire life with these We’re true friends shirt. I tried every medication for psychotherapy that you can imagine. The only thing I’ve ever found that really helps is a weed.

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Proceed with caution however it can induce psychosis and in some people with mental health issues, it’s not always recommended at all. It has helped me to love and accept who I am and has lessened the We’re true friends shirt thoughts with time. Therapy is also very useful I recommend you see a family therapist that focuses on strength-based therapy.

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We're true friends case
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I’m going to see a We’re true friends shirt tomorrow because I’ve convinced everyone I’m tired, bruising easily, and having joint pain because I might have Lyme again, but deep inside I know it is probably my body struggling to stay alive.


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