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We created the Violet hug Kanna chan shirt to always remember the wonderful memories that Kyoto animation studio has brought. I wish the injured people recover and the Kyoto animation studio soon recovers like the original!


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I’m going to disagree. I think the ex was mostly upset with the active lying about it. If they are going to lie about something so small and so long ago, I would wonder what else they were lying about and would be suspicious they were still cheating. I agree, but how they worded it is why I said actively. They say their partner has mentioned a lot about Violet hug Kanna chan shirt and they never said anything. When the never have I ever, they didn’t drink. All this plus the fact that they are acting like the brother shouldn’t have mentioned it says to me they didn’t forget to mention it or not think it was a big deal, they knew it would be and were hiding it.

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You suck for kicking out your brother who has no other family for a dumb mistake during a drinking game. Your boyfriend sucks for dumping you over something you did nine years ago. Your brother sucks the Violet hug Kanna chan shirt – he was being a jerk, but it’s not like he outed you for cheating on your current partner. He had no reason to think it would blow up your life like this. They were playing Never Have I Ever, the game in which you scandalously reveal your dirty secrets to a room full of people. If you know your friend has done a thing while playing, and then they don’t drink, calling them out on it is a common practice, in my experience. It’s not a game one should play if you do not want the people in the room to hear your secrets.

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A big part of the irony in this Violet hug Kanna chan shirt is that she wants to kick her brother out over a dumb mistake he made at 19, but thinks she should be forgiven for a worse dumb mistake she made at 17. You think OP would have a little bit of awareness here, and understand that her brother had no ill intent and let it right. The irony is that the brother is about the same dumb age that OP was when she cheated on her partner. The drunken outing of his sister was more impulsive and less morally objectionable than OP cheating on her partner.

OP thinks the cheating was a long time ago when she was young and dumb and that her fiance should forgive her. OP’s brother is young and dumb and his transgression is not nearly as bad as her’s was. So by the same standards, shouldn’t she forgive him?

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Violet hug Kanna chan hoodie

Thank you, and I can’t believe I had to read so far to find Kyoto animation studio. He’s 19. His brain isn’t even done cooking. It’s unreasonable to expect that he would be able to think past the game and its rules far enough to math out the possible implications for a couple he has no way of knowing hasn’t already been transparent with each other. While drunk. OP needs to tear up that eviction notice and repair her relationship with little bro.


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