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Honestly, this almost certainly a planned out taunt/threat aided by IC. The photo has redacted elements so IC probably prepared it. It’s also digital; not clear how Trump would get a digital copy of a classified Vet tech Boo Boo Crew Funny shirt on his semi-secure phone, no POTUS is probably allowed to have that sort of intel on a phone they could lose. It’s not statistically likely that every action is stupid, this seems much more likely to be a designed warning to Iran that we can fly drones with impunity and that yes, we blew up your rocket again by hacking your siemens code or sending you fake schematics for rocket engines.

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Except they’ll ‘forget’ that that exception exists cause, as a representative of the ‘people’, the President sometimes has to make a unilateral decision to declassify something in order to talk or make an action about Vet tech Boo Boo Crew Funny shirt. Like, a top-secret briefing about how a strain of measles is making a comeback in a certain area of the country; its better to get out in front of that and declassify it than do it the Russian way. But no, we gotta hear about “The President can declassify anything” as an excuse for his unmitigated fucking ego.

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If there is an immediate public good to having information come out. It will be properly declassified and then disseminated to the public. Declassifying information begins with picking it apart into the pieces that can be released (a Vet tech Boo Boo Crew Funny shirt of a blown up launchpad). And it parts that should not be released (the level of detail that our spy satellites can pickup). There’s plenty of open-source images of this same location so I’m not sure why a high-resolution satellite shot is necessary to publish online. Rockets blow up on the pad all the time.

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Because of that, technically the president can’t really commit a crime called (for simplicity) revealing classified information. But I’m sure once he leaves office one could easily make a case for jeopardizing national security and safety or aiding and abetting or whatever. But tell a Trump supporter that their Trending shirt about Hillary leaking more classified intelligence in future emails aren’t a problem. Because the President has the authority to declassify anything she wants and they’ll promptly shit themselves in rage.


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