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For the English speaking, back in 2015 a prosecutor named Alberto Nisman was found dead in his Vampire or Phlebotomist you decide shirt before presenting evidence against the government officials who where apparently involved in the bombing of the AMIA, they tried to rule it as a suicide despite the evidence pointing to assassination, so the term Nismanearon is used to describe people who “killed themselves” under uncertain conditions. It’s only made worse as each news agency jumps at the chance to be among the first to publish the story. Plenty of half-truths coming in at all times just because people want to follow the story, but never actually catch it.

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And the people who are above the law who are responsible for this also allowed the truth about broken bones in his neck to come out. We must not ignore the fact that they are keeping a much closer eye on this than the public. They wanted Epstein to be dead so he wouldn’t reveal the truth about them and they want others who are involved (including bodyguards and cooks and Vampire or Phlebotomist you decide shirt) to know what will happen to them so they are afraid of releasing any info about their creepy, corrupt, and cowardly ways of life.

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I don’t buy that he’s dead at all. Maybe they found a vagrant that looks close enough, maybe there’s nobody at all and they’re releasing details to keep up the appearance of an investigation but I’d say there are at least 50-50 odds he’s still alive laughing at us all somewhere. I’m not too informed on the whole thing, more bits and pieces/updates here and there. So this might be a bit of a Vampire or Phlebotomist you decide shirt question but Is the actual case against him and what he was involved in/ran still being worked on? Cus all I’m hearing at the moment is about his death, and I’m a little worried, due to that, the actual case against him will just kinda fizzle out at some point.

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Yep, it’s probably disinformation. Anybody who wants to look closely, or even at a fucking glance, in this case, will know for sure something was up. But they’ll never figure out exactly what. Because of layers and layers of deception and Trending shirt. It’s not anything new, it’s nothing unique, it’s been going on since forever. The people behind it are counting on people doubting things and creating a million different theories, which all continue to serve to muddle up any sort of real chance to know exactly who was to blame or who was behind whatever incident we’re talking about.


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