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The real reason no country reveals the images is they don’t want others to know the exact resolution because then you can try to hide things if you know what the max resolution of the satellite is. This is a cell phone picture of a printed Underestimate me that’ll be fun shirt, I doubt it reveals the full resolution but it is stupid to reveal to the public. But there may be political reasons to reveal it. This could be a show of force to Iran. It is no different than flying around planes near the border or ships off the coast to show Iran the US military is watching and they see everything.

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The nice thing about having such a detailed photo is you can calculate out where the camera needed to be to record the image and when it needed to be there, then you just look at the freely and widely available satellite tracks to see which one matches up. Once you find that single satellite you can go back to the day it was launched and figure out which were the other satellites launched along with this one. However, it’s technically allowed for the POTUS to declassify anything at will at any time as he is the origin of any Underestimate me that’ll be fun shirt according to by law.

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That’s crazy because I just listened to NPR and they stated it’s not possible to be a satellite by our understandings. The image is too clear for a satellite due to atmospheric distortion. That it’s also likely a photo that was cleared by security officials due to it having blacked out redactions in the top corner to cover the details of the craft. This is likely intentional mind Underestimate me that’ll be fun shirt being played on Iran. Saying yeah we had something to do with it and yeah we are watching you. They want Iran to know. That’s the whole point. But everyone is so obsessed with their lenses that trump is always bad and literally everything has to be a monumental blunder and disgrace.

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Underestimate me that'll be fun hoodie
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I’d love to have your optimism that Trump is pushing people left, but as someone who was born as raised in Trumpistan, they love every bit of this. Their entire political platform is triggering the Trending shirt. They would cheer Russian nukes going off in LA and San Fran before they even think of admitting that trump might be wrong. As a Republican who can’t stand Trump and what he stands for (mostly ignorance and stupidity) but more importantly the way he disrespects the position of POTUS, I hope you are correct.


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