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If the unequal Tiger fighting shirt of wealth strays too far from merit-based, whether it becomes arbitrary or goes to cheaters, then people will stop playing the game and turn to crime, rioting, war, genocide, murder, theft, whatever. Don’t let anyone pretend that only 1 of these outcomes is “the worst”. They’re all unimaginably bad. Right now we need a little less inequality, and we need a lot less arbitrariness in the game, a lot more alignment between rewards and merit integrity.

Tiger fighting shirt, tank top and youth tee

Tiger fighting tank top
Tank top
Tiger fighting ladies tee
Ladies tee

We aren’t anywhere near equal distribution of wealth, but that Tiger fighting shirt mean that it’s a desirable goal — we’re still in this ship, and equal wealth distribution is still a ruinous rock that would sink our ship. We can move toward it a little bit, but only because we’re much closer to the other rocks and more urgently need to move away from them for the immediate future.

Tiger fighting hoodie and sweater

Tiger fighting sweater
Tiger fighting hoodie

I agree very strongly that policy discussion is where the progress will occur. Unfortunately, most of the Tiger fighting shirt happens at the “complaining” stage and policy discussion is rarely publicized. I think the idea here is that publicization of the issue should eventually lead to policy discussion reform but it doesn’t seem like the discussion is quite there yet. Hopefully soon! A few years back, for Halloween and a lot of our friends went as Super Mario characters. Like 8 different characters and even a few copies between like 13 of us.


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