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He could be a solid dude who never hurt anyone and Thug wife shirt pushed too far. He could also be a violent asshole who attacks people all the time. We can’t know. A prologue from the uploader trying to get us all on his side isn’t proof that we should be. Our country was founded by war and remained free through war and saved Europe twice throygh war. Americans take pride we are able to defend ourselves and never have to worry about a homeland invasion.

Thug wife ladies tee and tank top

Thug wife tank top
Tank top
Thug wife ladies tee
Ladies tee

Wow. It’s amazing that after all these years, Americans are still ignorant of history. I wonder if it’s the Thug wife shirt education standards? Pretty embarrassing for a supposed world leader, but then again incest is common there. Let’s be clear, the military isn’t for smart people. Never was. It’s there for people to blindly follow orders.

Thug wife hoodie and sweater

Thug wife sweater
Thug wife hoodie

I would rather be shot protecting my family and friends and country than cower behind something or hold my Thug wife shirt. With that said my wife is trained as well and had my six covered and those who know will understand that statement. I am not a bully I’m a protective husband. I did have a little scratch from this to answer everyone’s statement and no I didn’t break my wrist lol. All I can say is if you are going to be a bully or a threat make sure you’re prepared to defend your actions.


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