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It’s all kinds of fucked. I’d like to think I’d take it well and do things like OP. Probably though, it’d get to me after a while. Then the not doing my best would depress me and make me do an even worse job rather than confront my earlier mistake. It’d spiral go on for a long time until they pass or I find a bridge. I knew a terrific lady who was a This girl loves halloween shirt. Her husband had a terrible accident that took a long time for him to recover. Several years of care. She worked a job, came home and was a handmaid. When he finally got well enough to move around. Moved out, divorced her and came out.

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My Great Aunt had a bad fall and also has some This girl loves halloween shirt. She had to be put in an Assisted Living Facility because of her needs. My Great Uncle spends every moment he is allowed to spend up there with her and only goes home at night to sleep. She’s mad at him every single day because she isn’t able to understand or remember, why she’s there. She thinks he’s gotten rid of her, even though he spends so much time there with her. This has been going on for a year and they’re both in their late 90s.

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I can’t imagine how hard it is for him that his wife is constantly mad at him for something that he didn’t/isn’t doing, and he loves her so much that he takes it like a champ instead of visiting her less, like so many people would do. From what I’ve read, and what I experienced with chemo brain, it’s temporary. I still have moments where I just forget the words for things, but it’s so much better than it was 6 months ago. Right at the end of my This girl loves halloween shirt, it seemed like every other sentence out of my mouth was a struggle to find the right word to use. Now, it’s a few times a day. Still frustrating, but much better than it was.

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I’ve watched my father care for my mother who suffered an aneurysm, Trending shirt, and seizure back in 2013. They all happened at the same time and the doctor told us her chance of surviving was slim. But here we are nearly 6 years later and she’s still recovering and going strong. We have good moments and bad moments, but through it, all my father has lost no hope in her. I’ve definitely been taught some valuable lessons from the two of them about perseverance, love, and dedication.


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