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She ended up with a doctorate in foreign languages and teaches at a university. My brother and I have amazing families of our own and don’t want for much. It’s so amazing what The phoenix shirt are capable of doing. My mom came to the USA and raised 3 kids on her own. Not knowing English, working over time as a housekeeper, she manages to save to buy a new house to raise us in. Today we’re all very successful because she raised us to believe as long as you work hard you’ll get what you deserve. She took us out from a third world country where the culture was to be an alcoholic without a job, beat women if they spoke against the “men” of the house. I thank her every day because it helped me become hard-working man.

The phoenix shirt, tank top and youth tee 

The phoenix tank top
Tank top
The phoenix ladies tee
Ladies tee

To all the people saying “ugh look how they used to be” .. well, we’re still like this now! Don’t confuse Iraq with Saudi, The phoenix shirt, or Afghanistan. There’s no law or authority dictating that women must wear ( or not wear ) certain garments. And the society is much more liberal than you’d think, especially in major cities .. we have parks, nightclubs, cinemas, malls, theaters, stadiums, concert halls … etc. We don’t live in the Middle Ages!

The phoenix hoodie and sweater 

The phoenix sweater
The phoenix hoodie

You can find women dressed like that, and in other western style clothing like mini skirts and stuff all over The phoenix shirt , especially with the younger demographic. And Kurdistan ( which is an autonomous region in the north of Iraq ) is practically among the most liberal and westernized regions in the Middle East, second only to Israel or Tunisia I presume.


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