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Now that the Persian community here has matured at over 25% of our population, we have fantastic restaurants, the BEST fruit and nut shops, and new charities and food banks operated by both religious and secular groups of this most charitable segment of our population. Yes, the The Legend of the Phoenix shirt old racists are still making their camel-trading jokes. But they are old and stale and dying off. Come to think of it, so are the grumps. As someone who grew up in Tehran in the ’70s, that makes no sense.

The Legend of the Phoenix shirt, tank top and youth tee 

The Legend of the Phoenix tank top
Tank top
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Ladies tee

Tehran is covered in trees and parks. There are multiple forests within the city (Chitgar for example). Everybody goes north to Gilan and The Legend of the Phoenix shirt for vacations and those places are literal rainforests. That story boggles my mind. I could see it if they were from somewhere like Yazd, but Tehran is an incredibly green city (and 40 years ago it had less than half of its current population so it was even greener). She knew she was all the little baby would have so she signed up for college courses while working at a burger joint.

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The Legend of the Phoenix sweater
The Legend of the Phoenix hoodie

After getting her BA, she found out she was pregnant with me. My father was not ready to own up to that responsibility so she continued with her schooling and worked at the University she transferred to. She basically raised my brother and me on minimal income while studying for 18 credits per semester. We didn’t have a lot The Legend of the Phoenix shirt, but I remember her always being happy with my brother and I. We were a pair of hooligans… Not the little book worms my aunt had… My mom is a saint in the regards of having unlimited patience with us.


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