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Honestly, I think it was more of him getting tired of possibly not being taking seriously or just even himself being an artist and wanting to branch out to different things within the film. Either way, I’ve always liked McBride as a The cute dinosaurs halloween shirt, he has pretty great screen presence and not to mention his writing is fairly solid. I’ve been excited since the announcement of McBride writing the Halloween reboot, the dude’s interviews in regard to horror are really genuine and he gets it, man.

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I mean, to me it’s not even a question of why or what, with comedians writing horror The cute dinosaurs halloween shirt. I respect it entirely, no one should be just stereotyped to comedy, or horror, or realistic drama or superhero ensemble films. Most of these actors that we love and adore all want to do their best and give themselves’ challenges. That’s rare nowadays since you can bankroll on one specific thing like jump scares or one-liner. Admittedly, tons of other actors are just bankrolling and have what we would call “no talent” cause they just want a paycheck.

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Not sure we need a Scream reboot. Those movies were always about statements on the The cute dinosaurs halloween shirt or films that they represent. Scream 2 discusses sequels. Scream 3 discusses trilogies. And Scream 4 discusses reboots. I guess you could have it as a discussion of good reboots that follow subpar reboots. But I don’t know how you play with that as the structure of the film without a way-too-hard lean into the fourth wall. Since SCREAM is very meta, it’s hard to come up with something for a possible next film since they already covered the “remake” theme with SCREAM 4 and it gave us a solid ending for the characters like Sidney and etc.

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They’re filming Scream 5, the actors play themselves, and some psycho who is obsessed with Ghostface sneaks onto the set and starts murdering the Trending shirt and crew. Neve Campbell basically would be doing evening news show interviews about the real-life Ghostface and is Sidney Prescott IRL at the end. Not even a reboot man, hear me out. Since this Halloween is a direct sequel to Carpenter’s Halloween then they could and should follow this premise if and when the opportunity comes to do any of these characters. It’s 2018, we don’t need to continue seeing Voorhees.


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