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Which is something I can definitely agree on? A different perspective gives you, at times, the ability to see what is hidden from everyone else (because everyone thinks it’s normal and thus their brain just filters it out as “this is The Books Crew shirt“). And that’s kind of a superpower, a built-in SEP-field nullifier. But I bet that quite a few native English speakers that read your comment will have to look up “hyperbolic” to find out what it means. Dutch-speaking Belgian here (age 29), I can be quite eloquent when typing in English and know my grammar and vocabulary nearly flawlessly but please, for the love of what you hold dear, don’t make me speak English.

The Books Crew shirt with 100% cotton

The Books Crew ladies tee
Ladies tee
The Books Crew tank top
Tank top

That’s hyperbolic. We are exposed to a lot of English and start learning it in school from age 9 here in Sweden, but most people never get completely fluent and certainly not from a young The Books Crew shirt. In adulthood, it’s pretty common to understand English fluently, but not speak it without occasional hiccups. I’ve not heard Greta speak English in a conversation, only her speeches, so I don’t know how fluent she is. But she’s definitely eloquent in Swedish, more than most kids her age. Regards, a Swede that speaks more English than Swedish with his friends (bc lack of Swedish) and is still not fluent.

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The Books Crew long sleeve
Long sleeve
The Books Crew woman hoodie
Woman hoodie

Typing and speaking are different things. I find that people my age or younger (the early 30s) tend to be better at typing in English than speaking it, because you have more time to do The Books Crew shirt. Also, I don’t think I’m average when it comes to typing in English; I speak it worse than most, understand accents worse than most (related to my autism), but have a wider vocabulary and am careful with spelling. Like, when I type in English, if I can’t think of a word, I just rephrase the sentence. When speaking, I don’t realize I don’t know the word until I’m halfway through the sentence and have to stop, clogging up the “fluid” so to speak.

The Books Crew shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve affordable price

The Books Crew sweater
The Books Crew hoodie

The teaching heavily emphasizes being flawless in pronounciation, grammar, and spelling. It often leads to a nordic person being quite fluent in understanding English but crippling their confidence in speaking or writing it. I remember when I was learning English in elementary school we were chided for speaking in Finnish accent – native British accent was the Trending shirt. It’s in the USA that the bar is too low. I graduated college there/ English def not my first language I had better grades in papers than most of my class. I’m not a genius- BUT even my spelling was better than most of the US born American classmates. I was shocked. Your schooling is terrible.


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