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We created the Takanashi Rikka shirt to always remember the wonderful memories that Kyoto animation studio has brought. I wish the injured people recover and the Kyoto animation studio soon recovers like the original!


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I guess there will always be people that are against everything for some Takanashi Rikka shirt or another. So it’s not blanket, but most of the religious people I talked to who didn’t want gay marriage, they feared the government would force priests or churches to marry homosexuals against their will. It seemed like a bit of an over the top fear to me, but then again, I’m not religious so I don’t think I’m the best person to ask.

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Takanashi Rikka ladies tee
Ladies tee
Takanashi Rikka tank top
Tank top

Also, priests emphatically are not required to provide religious marriages to anyone by the Takanashi Rikka shirt. Gay marriage in America is a civil institution, and some progressive denominations affirm it. I repeat, no priests are being compelled to marry anyone against the promptings of their consciences. Gay marriage in no way infringes on religious liberty in America, and to imply it does is classic DARVO-ing by the religious right. I mentioned to the guy I was responding to later on this thread that I kinda missed the party where he focused on the conversion therapy, and I myself had never heard of that connection, my response was more meant to cover what the controversy HAS been about.

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Takanashi Rikka long sleeve
Long sleeve
Takanashi Rikka woman hoodie
Woman hoodie

Chick-Fil-A got the message and came back around. Supporting conversion therapy was pretty Takanashi Rikka shirt. But I feel like forgiveness is a virtue we’ve lost on the left. They’ve backed off. They heard the message. We broke our boycott of them earlier this year. And our first trip in, half of an openly lesbian couple was working behind the register while her girlfriend was waiting nearby for her shift to end. Not exactly active oppression here, you know? I’m not going to keep a boycott going just because the owners are Christians and give to causes that most charitable Christians would if they had the means to.

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Takanashi Rikka sweater
Takanashi Rikka hoodie

Forgiveness comes after repentance. There was no repentance, apology, or acknowledgment of wrongdoing. Only a statement that in the future they’re going to stay out of the political arena in order to avoid Trending shirt. Having a gay employee doesn’t mean anything other than that they aren’t actively breaking the law. And local hiring would be up to the local franchisee. I mean, if you can’t get married you can’t get power of attorney, life insurance, tax breaks, other discounts for things like insurance, and more.


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