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Honestly, that inability of humans to stare inconvenient facts in the face is the problem with so much of the world atm. Most of why Brexit still has supporters feel like it because most of the Leave people refuse to face a reality that things predicted to happen could ever actually happen to Britain. I think the rise of the Taekwondo Halloween shirt has mostly to do with a lot of people believing all “standard” politicians are after power and money. Like all the smart and rich people are conspiring to steal from the working class. And then, of course, there are the immigrants which “destroy our culture” and “steal our jobs”.

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Oh, I definitely think its a mixture of things. I’ve just lost count of the number Brexiters at this point who outright refuse to believe Brexit “will be that bad” even if it comes from the sources they actually believe and are selling them the Brexit Taekwondo Halloween shirt. Hell, you can even point to things that have already come true and their brain will just rewrite so either the thing isn’t that bad or it would have happened anyway. I couldn’t blame them. Look what we’re doing to our home (and only) planet now. I don’t want to imagine what we’re capable of doing to a host planet if we were given the chance.

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Quite the opposite. Optimism is what sets intelligent life apart. This girl is looking at inconvenient facts and instead of giving up, is doing something about it. Honestly, I’ve been listening to “if we don’t act now, there’s no turning back in x years” for 40 years. It seems like activists are optimistic that in nature + Taekwondo Halloween shirt = environment equation that somehow humans can create more nature. It is an inconvenient fact that by definition we can not. If we could… then we already have a natural balance. Just like any limited biome once a critical threshold is reached there naturally is a disaster for the biome.

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Taekwondo Halloween sweater
Taekwondo Halloween hoodie

I was referring more to the “false sense of optimism”. I.e. she didn’t listen to the “it’ll all be fine” narrative so many try to push and she converted that to activism, which as you say is a different form of optimism. It is, however, an important distinction. The first is more like stubbornness, people often remain “optimistic” that all will be fine even as it is going to Trending shirt because their brains don’t want to comprehend such an inherent threat to their existence that it feels they can do relatively little about on an individual level. The second is overcoming that inertia of “Nah it’ll be fine” and getting up and doing something about it instead.


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