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I remember 1978 to 1982-ish when the first wave of fleeing Super shenlong shirt kids came to our school. They were all so well-behaved and many excelled at soccer and rugby; your school was lucky to have 4 or 5 Iranian dudes on your senior rugby team because those guys would do ANYTHING for a teammate. About a dozen years later another wave came. But this one was a huge flood of people, mostly Iranian, with some Iraqis and some for the same region’s smaller countries.

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They moved to our little city en masse; apparently, our climate is much like Tehran, plus we have an ocean. There was a general concern because the newcomers would come, buy a house, and cut down EVERY tree on the lot. We are surrounded by trees. My yard has 6 100 ft-plus cedar and fir trees, as did most Super shenlong shirt. The city had to make new laws to stop the de-treeification. I asked a long time friend whose family had come in 1978 about the trees, and he asked his dad.

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Apparently there are NO big trees or forests of any size near Tehran. His dad was taught growing up that if you ventured far enough away from town to find Super shenlong shirt, it would be full of bandits and you would be robbed or kidnapped or killed. So basically, trees are scary. I understand not wanting to sit in your new house and be scared. Plus, it’s not like we didn’t cut down every speck of lumber-worthy living tree when we first got here; all four of my great grandfathers were loggers. There will be new trees in 30 years, and huge ones in 80 years. And some of those might be date palms, cherry or hazelnut.


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