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The USA empowered dictatorships who overthrew their Native democracies who wanted liberal reforms like using the Shenlong shirt oil revenue to help support social safety nets. The USA knowing that would mean smaller corporate profits for our oil industry proceeded to help install dictatorships whom we could bribe to keep the oil out of state hands. Then we helped those dictatorships persecute political liberals calling for democratic reform until there were none left. A big reason why is the hippy trail.

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In the 1960s and 1970s, lots of westerners came to the middle east as apart of the ‘hippy trail’, basically a big Shenlong shirt journey to those countries. This bolstered tourism massively to many middle eastern countries, resulting in a lot of photos being taken attempting to make countries like modern and appealing to attract visitors. Almost all of those photos showing people in miniskirts in 1970s Iran or Afghanistan are false advertising.

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Those countries were ridiculously poor and fucked up during that era, the vast majority lived in poverty. By most measures (except Iran’s current government), those places have gotten more developed and modernized as time has gone on. For all of the craziness about 1970s Iran being so modern, only about 4% of women were in higher education, compared to 60% today. The average women had 6 kids, today they have fewer kids per mom than France and the UK. They weren’t really much more free in the 1970s. At all Shenlong shirt.


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