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Members of parliament are guest posting blogs on “news sites” that regularly regurgitate obscene fake news and straight-up political propaganda. Our once sacrament parliamentary elections became a freak show of shouting matches and talking points. Democracy is a volatile thing. Anyway, my point is that this TV news reality show going on is detrimental to society as a whole. And you’re better off without it. The profit margin of punditry has long overshadowed the integrity of journalism. But the journalists are not at fault, by and large. The executive Saving up to become homeless shirt are.

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As for the public not wanting to stay informed, I don’t blame them. People used to read the news and now they don’t. Some people like to believe the internet and information overload is at fault, and to some extent, I agree. But I think there’s a simpler reason: The news media has undermined all public confidence in itself. As evidenced by how people talk about journalists in this Saving up to become homeless shirt. Again. Blame the executive directors. Scientists don’t choose to not publish most of their research. The journals’ editors decide not to publish them because the article isn’t “sensational” enough. Same thing applies to journalists.

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But you are making a vast generalization if you think this applies to a majority of journalism. Journalists have repeatedly gone to jail (or the gallows) to defend the identities of their sources and the integrity of their Saving up to become homeless shirt. Ethics is a huge part of journalism, and numerous stories are killed every single day because they cannot guarantee the safety of their source, and the story is considered not important enough to die for. In the case of Epstein’s bodyguard, I can almost guarantee there have been rigorous ethics meetings about this story before it published, even if it is just an interview.

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I hope that the reporter followed up and met in the guy in person. He has a Trending shirt to tell. Seems he is worried about someone recording or listening in on the call. The most interesting thing about this call is not what evidence he may or may not have about the girls Epstein was with, it’s about the people he is now scared of. He stated he hasn’t been able to get in touch with him again to clarify any of the statements, unfortunately.


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