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We created the Rikka shirt to always remember the wonderful memories that Kyoto animation studio has brought. I wish the injured people recover and the Kyoto animation studio soon recovers like the original!


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Yes, but the premise behind the law in the U.S., like many other countries, is “that which is not prohibited is permitted.” This means it isn’t appropriate to respond to a Rikka shirt of a routine activity with “well it’s technically a privilege so we don’t have to give a reason for this arbitrary restriction relative to the rest of the population.” Imagine the outcry if the DMV tried this with some random person trying to get their license (i.e. not a DUI or failing the driving tests).

Rikka shirt with 100% cotton

Rikka ladies tee
Ladies tee
Rikka tank top
Tank top

We never had a department of homeland security until we gave up our rights out of fear for Saudi Arabian Wahhabists and the collective other of Islamic society. Sorry, no, shoe bombers. Or underwear bombers. The consolidation of intelligence and increase in interdepartmental communication was probably good, but the rights we traded for the feeling of peace makes me feel less peaceful. During the screenings and interviews for an individual clearance, they question you about the individual. They don’t ask about your personal Rikka shirt because they don’t care about it.

The best trending shirt with limited quantity always full size and color

Rikka long sleeve
Long sleeve
Rikka woman hoodie
Woman hoodie

It could be as simple as a similar name. It doesn’t even have to be exactly the same, just similar enough. Have a flight attendant friend, a very petite white girl. Her name is very similar to a guy on the Rikka shirt no-fly list. That guy is a 6′ black guy. Their last names are the same, their first names are similar. Think Antonio and Antonia (couldn’t think of a better example while not using her real name but it’s only a couple letters difference). Now she has to go through social screening when flying internationally even though she’s gone through multiple federal background checks for this job.

Rikka shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve affordable price

Rikka hoodie
Rikka sweater

It’s basically free with some credit cards. You just have to do a brief Trending shirt. If you can schedule it before a flight so you don’t have to go to the airport just for that, I would say yes. It’s valid for 5 yrs and can save you a lot of time when it’s busy (though then you wait for bags forever). You also get TSA Pre which is useful for domestic flights as well. I dunno maybe an offhand joke that ‘i have nothing to hide except my crazy sister-wife heh-heh’ during his interview could have been taken seriously. Not many in internal security have a funny bone remember.


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