Rem Chan Rezero Mug

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Do you watch anime, if you are an anime fan, you probably don’t know Rem. So we bring this product: Rem Chan Rezero Mug to hope you will like it. Rem is Ram’s twin sister, she has blue hair and carries oni blood. She is a gentle girl but no less powerful, especially when her beloved person is in danger, she will sacrifice herself to protect that person. Her love for Subaru is so touching and admiring. Perhaps that’s why Rem is so popular among many people. As you know, Rem’s love story with Subaru is the most talked about topic in both the original Light Novel and the Adapted Anime. What if Rem agrees with the promises from Subaru to join Subaru and leave everything behind?

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Rem Chan Rezero Mug

Rem Chan Rezero Mug
Rem Chan Rezero Mug


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