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Most people are on the street for a reason like drugs. I walked by many homeless camps and they are either drinking, smoking meth or slamming heroin. I agree something should be done and something is broken, but at a point personal responsibility plays a Queen of Halloween shirt. It’s not the responsibility of the general public to house, cloth and provide extensive medical care people to people who don’t want to help themselves. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a little charity for those down on their luck.

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Queen of Halloween ladies tee
Ladies tee
Queen of Halloween tank top
Tank top

So then you’re 100% certain these people are homeless because of the drugs? You’re positive that most homeless people are on the street because of drugs, yeah? According to you, drugs came first, and that lead to homelessness for most people. When people say things like this, im convinced they didnt take even three seconds to make sure what they were saying wasn’t just their Queen of Halloween shirt, but that it had some sort of valid, verified source. You say you agree something is broken and something should be done, but at a point personal responsibility plays a role. You’re not wrong. But I say it’s backward when applied to this situation. I think it’s sad that so many Americans think this way.

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Queen of Halloween woman hoodie
Woman hoodie
Queen of Halloween long sleeve
Long sleeve

Step outside of your mind and your preconceived notions, what do you actually know about homelessness? Who have you actually known and spoken to and learned from that was legit homeless? Yes, I’m 100% certain that a majority of homeless people are on the street because their lives have become unmanageable due to drugs and Queen of Halloween shirt. I have worked with many of these people, seen it first hand and in many of the programs I have attended have heard their stories. So yes I stand by my statement. I know a lot of the homeless don’t want help they just want money for their fix. I hate to say it, but some of these people just don’t want help.

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Queen of Halloween sweater
Queen of Halloween hoodie

While traveling I haven’t found another country that requires free, public use bathrooms in restaurants. It’s one of the few Trending shirt I really miss about the US whenever I leave. I love exploring other countries, and learning the differences in-laws, and having to pay close attention to social cues to try and fit in. It’s also cool to see the things that are “better” at home.

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