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Go take a short walk instead. Workout, take up a new Pumpkin hallowen shirt, anything that is new and will keep your mind busy. Secondly, get a 0% nicotine vape. I know you said you don’t want to use one, but it helps tremendously when you just can’t shake the need to have a puff. I still have a drag once in a while when I’m thinking about bumming a smoke off my work buddies during a stressful day. Break out the vape with no nicotine and it quells that craving.

Pumpkin hallowen shirt, tank top and youth tee 

Pumpkin hallowen tank top
Tank top
Pumpkin hallowen ladies tee
Ladies tee

I also quit cold turkey about a year ago after a decade or so of smoking. There’s a history of smoking-related illnesses in my Pumpkin hallowen shirt, but I still couldn’t bring myself to stop. What inspired me was my professor. I had gone back to school to get a degree in veterinary nursing, and the head of the veterinary department was giving a lecture on something (anatomy and physiology I think). Anyways, he said something that really stood out to me.

Pumpkin hallowen hoodie and sweater 

Pumpkin hallowen sweater
Pumpkin hallowen hoodie

I’m paraphrasing since I don’t remember his exact wording, but he said: “It takes a month for new Pumpkin hallowen shirt to form.” That right there really resonated for some reason. I was like, I have to do this. I warned my husband that all those withdrawal symptoms were coming, and he braced for impact. It was fucking hard for the first week or so, I won’t lie to you. But I gave it all I had.


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