Nurse, Witches, Ghoul Gang Halloween shirt


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I had to call the police on my ex when my son was less than a year old. We were taking a “Nurse, Witches, Ghoul Gang Halloween shirt” and she came over to pick him up but was highly intoxicated. I wouldn’t let her and she became abusive on me. As I leaned over his crib to keep her from being able to get him she repeatedly punched me and choked me hard enough to cut the skin on my neck. I couldn’t become physical with her for a lot of reasons so I went outside and held the door closed so she couldn’t leave as my apartment at the time only had a single entry. Cops came and arrested her.

Nurse, Witches, Ghoul Gang Halloween shirt with 100% cotton

Nurse, Witches, Ghoul Gang Halloween ladies tee
Ladies tee
Nurse, Witches, Ghoul Gang Halloween tank top
Tank top

A little while later we got back together and eventually split for good when my son was Nurse, Witches, Ghoul Gang Halloween shirt. Then the true hell came when we went to court to settle custody. She led the courts to believe I was a drug addict and had to do a urinalysis 2x a week. Not the kind you go into a private bathroom but where a man stares at your dick while you piss. This went on for almost two years and during that time she got a DUI. She’s an alcoholic and her prior arrest and social media history proved that but the courts didn’t care enough to award me full custody. I don’t think she even wanted full custody just enough over to get the tax credit.

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Nurse, Witches, Ghoul Gang Halloween long sleeve
Long sleeve
Nurse, Witches, Ghoul Gang Halloween woman hoodie
Woman hoodie

Before the court-ordered a parenting plan we each had about 50% time each. My days were weekdays and her into the weekend. She demanded/insisted my days to end on Sunday evening during Nurse, Witches, Ghoul Gang Halloween shirt. Guess the reason, not surprised at all, was the weekend nightlife. She’s a horrible woman and an alcoholic. There are more things she’s done, like FaceTime me with my son on the other end when she refused to let me see him and ask him if he wants to go see dad. He’d say no but you could tell it was the fear of his mother speaking.

Nurse, Witches, Ghoul Gang Halloween shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve affordable price

Nurse, Witches, Ghoul Gang Halloween sweater
Nurse, Witches, Ghoul Gang Halloween hoodie

I’ll never forgive her but I’ve, not once said a single negative thing to my boy about his Trending shirt. I know she has about me to him. Kinda got rambling on there. Lawyer fees got to about $25k once we finally settled on everything. I had to fight for my daughter. It was exhausting and literally bankrupted me but in the end, I won. Just keep fighting. I really hope things turn out ok for both of you.


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