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Imagine the people who have no financial backing to even have their voice heard in court. It sucks. My ex’s dad paid for her lawyer. I couldn’t afford one so I just did what I could and haggled for the best custody I could get every other Nurse boo crew shirt. I fully understand & thank God I am able to survive. One of my dreams is to open a men’s advocacy type of thing for guys who can’t afford a family lawyer. It’s heartbreaking to see stand up guys get taken advantage of in custody/child support/alimony cases….makes me sick to my stomach.

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Nurse boo crew ladies tee
Ladies tee
Nurse boo crew tank top
Tank top

My ex lied about having a brain tumor and being hospitalized over it so she could skip town to play house with a boyfriend in another state, told my daughter to lie to me about it, then stayed there a year while daughter lived with me, then dropped all contact for 2 more years after that. And that’s just the proverbial tip of the Nurse boo crew shirt. Even after her abandoning the child for 3 years, and even though my wife has been a stable parental figure for my daughter for most of that time and is ready and willing to adopt her. My attorney doesn’t think we have a great chance of a judge terminating her parental rights.

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Nurse boo crew woman hoodie
Woman hoodie

I’m probably 12k in at this point, but it’s not over yet. Fortunately, I think she’s figured out she can’t save face anymore by feigning to care, as her attorney has signaled that she may be willing to consent to voluntary termination. If we’ll agree to a post-adoption contract allowing her parents visitation time. That’s it in a nutshell. Actually, she hit/scratched me too, while I was holding him & I just let him go because she was pulling him away & I ran outside to call the Nurse boo crew shirt.

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Nurse boo crew sweater
Nurse boo crew hoodie

I hope you get it and am rooting for you! I have a friend in a very similar scenario on his ex moved across the country and the courts are even more apathetic. His son is often left alone with his half-siblings and is being “homeschooled” (not schooled at all, he’s used as a free babysitter). I see how it hurts my friend but cause he’s got a penis he’s pretty much written off by the Trending shirt. I don’t understand how the legal system allows this to happen.


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