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A bad example is being extremely generous. Comey went out of his way to make sure Hillary lost and chose the WORST possible option to do what he was trying to do. At least, what he wants allegedly trying to do which was cut a leak off at the pass to save his own fucking Nurse – Boo Boo Crew shirt. Especially when he knew Russians were going to fuck with the election and he knew the New York FBI office was Trumpland due to him never making the FBI nonpartisan as he should have. You can blame a lot of Hillary’s apathetic voters on the bare-minimum immoral, bad decision made by Comey, to illegal depending on his intent.

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Nurse - Boo Boo Crew ladies tee
Ladies tee
Nurse - Boo Boo Crew tank top
Tank top

This isn’t quite right. He does have the power to unilaterally declassify. However, him publishing or sharing the info to previously unauthorized individuals doesn’t mean the information is declassified. He’s the president so he’s above the system in that he can’t be punished for mishandling, but it does not formally declassify the Nurse – Boo Boo Crew shirt. Let’s say an intelligence agent published just the page of the document Trump took a picture of – and no other new information is released.

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Nurse - Boo Boo Crew long sleeve
Long sleeve
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Woman hoodie

The fact that we have one Hubble Telescope (that changed our understanding of reality… No big deal) and multiple equally powerful telescopes that are instead pointed back at the Earth tells me how fucking ridiculous our species is… We deserve Nurse – Boo Boo Crew shirt. A universe of possibility exists out there and yet here we sit. Not really looking at any of it. Spending insane amounts of resources to watch ourselves so that we can better kill ourselves. Oh since you know the satellite, we dont need to trace it. It was launched as NROL-49, from Cape Canaveral on a Delta IV Heavy and is in the family of Keyhole spy satellites.

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Nurse - Boo Boo Crew sweater
Nurse - Boo Boo Crew hoodie

Any country that it actually matters to already knows this. It is like one of those things that everyone pretends is a secret but everyone knows, like Israel having Trending shirt. Every country pretends they don’t have these super-high-resolution spy satellites, NASA publicly announces when they are launching these things. They just list it as payload classified in the launch announcement, everyone knows its a spy satellite. The hard part is figuring out what those satellites zipping over your territory are actually capable of…. well, unless some dumb motherfucker whips his cell phone out at an Intel briefing and tweets it out for the whole world to see.


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