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So even though I agree the employers who hire illegals should be punished, that alone won’t fix it. I just think it’s stupid that these people who crossed into our country illegally don’t get deported when they get caught breaking some other Nicest Mean Teacher Ever shirt. I don’t care if you ran a stop sign or robbed a store if it’s found out that you’re here illegally after you’re arrested or detained you should get sent back to your country so America doesn’t have to subsidize your ass anymore.

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You mentioned Medicare and Medicaid, I believe a good amount of that goes to illegals who have no health insurance whatsoever. So that’s also a huge drain on our society that takes away from caring for our own Nicest Mean Teacher Ever shirt. Longer wait times in the hospital, more expensive bills, less resources to go around. It’s fucked. Yes, I will agree with this one.

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Many are self-employed, and that needs a better remedy than I can think up. (Just being honest here) I saw an article somewhere a while back, that many of the Nicest Mean Teacher Ever shirt aren’t actually crossing illegally, but rather visa overstays which is the major problem. They are allowed to enter, but they just never leave. And if this is true, that needs to change.


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