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When we finally got together it was going to be “business-minded people just talking about business concepts and going out for drinks.” Sounded like shit but okay I’ll give him a shot. MLM right off the bat. I didn’t have anything better to do and drove an hour so I hung out. After the hour-long presentation, the Nicest mean nurse ever shirt in front of me (who uses the product and her brother is one of the three guys presenting) turns to ask me if I’m joining. I said no and she stumbled and asked “oh, but you’re going to buy some” and I said no again. She was flabbergasted and had no idea how to respond.

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Tank top

To be fair, Cutco isn’t really MLM.. No one selling Cutco is trying to get people to start selling Cutco under them and getting chunks of their profits. It has its issues but I wouldn’t define it as MLM.  They called me the next day and gassed me up like I’m the best thing to ever happen. The first interview was pretty vague but mostly about my experience and Nicest mean nurse ever shirt. In the second interview, it was very clear that the interviewer did not look at my resume and explained my industry to me as if I were a 5-year-old.

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That and one slide on their presentation, explaining the “company”, being a damn Nicest mean nurse ever shirt. I was too young and scared to actually ask “isn’t that just a pyramid scheme?”, but was certainly thinking it from then on. She got stuck peddling that weird plan for a good couple months, asked me twice if my parents still had a landline and could swap carriers, and apparently never even made it halfway. This means that you’re encouraged to drag others to basically start selling under you, bumping you up the food chain as they recruit people and those recruit people, etc.

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The difference is that the person at the bottom of the corporate ladder isn’t obligated to go out looking for greater fools to “bring in” to the wonderful world of ‘independent’ business ownership in order to progress with their own Trending shirt. Ah man, I remember my college days. I also didn’t know what an MLM was, but Cutco was the big one on my campus. Had a lot of friends get dragged in, and when they told me about it I just looked at them and said: “Isn’t that a pyramid scheme?” I still don’t think I was wrong in my assessment, but the scissors and filet knife my friend “won” in a sales competition was nice.


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