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With ribbed collars, cuffs and hem, this unisex sweatshirt is a cosy solution to the cold and perfect for layering.

• Stylish fit

• 80% cotton, 20% polyester


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IIRC we were straight up ready to make him King of America after the war, and the dude was like “have you even been paying attention smh” and so instead we set up a democracy and voted him in. In fact, we didn’t even put in term limits on the presidency to start with and George probably could have stayed in as long as he wanted, but instead retired after two terms, setting up a precedent that lasted all the way until NAVY trending sweatshirts decided to stick around, after which we finally added it to the Constitution for real.

NAVY trending sweatshirts

Honestly, the idea of him simply choosing not to run for a third term is absolutely bonkers from that timeframe. People up to that era typically never walked away from power, unless coaxed to do so by someone with leverage over them. On top of that, the next was John Adams that stayed for one term and Jefferson for 2 after NAVY trending sweatshirts. Everyone thinks of the founding fathers writing the constitution, but what was more impressive was sticking to it and keeping it that way.

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NAVY trending shirt
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I don’t know anything about George Washington, but the system if terms seem backward to me. The person in power should be the best person for the job, right? I mean take the last American election, I don’t think there’s a person alive that that thinks it wouldn’t have been better for Obama to have the opportunity to stay as a presidential candidate. You’re thinking of a meritocracy. That would be a system of government in which the most capable are put in charge.

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For an example idealized situation like this, the Turians in the Mass Effect series took such things quite seriously. In practice, meritocracies are typically going to be filled with implicit NAVY trending sweatshirts, because ultimately people – flawed as we are – would have to make the determination of who is better or worse.


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