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These teams are so fantastically trained they know their jobs as experts in their My broom broke so now i go camping shirt to the point that there may be only a few dozen or so people in the world that are as good at them in what they hope to be the best at. Then they cross-train their buddy’s job to be almost as good. Let’s say you get in a firefight and the one guy that can fix the radio takes a bullet to the head, you desperately want someone else cross-trained on radio repair. Ditto explosives, ditto the medic, ditto leadership.

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So when Jones leaves, he’s your breacher/backup medic and knows the SATCOM well enough. Smith leaves the same time, who was Jone’s backup breacher and a fire team My broom broke so now i go camping shirt. Then the last person was the number 2 of the team, who due to his time being the radio guy in the group was that expert as well as a backup medic. See how this really affects things? These teams are very tightly knit, taking out one member is an acceptable loss because of the level of cross-training. You may as well shelve the team for six months and let them get fresh blood in and build the group back to its former self.

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Don’t forget he also publicly confirmed our nuclear submarine’s positions near Japan/China within a specific time frame. Effectively showing his side of the board game Battleship to the Chinese. Our submarine’s positions disclosed to the My broom broke so now i go camping shirt for the Chinese to compare to any data they may have collected during those dates. There is a reason military assets are not to reveal their locations. He’s a colossal moron, to say the least. And with that giving anybody with listening capabilities a good hint to which vessel to connect the sound too. Making it easier in the future to identify that particular vessel and follow it around.

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I believe it was well before he was in office: he started getting the daily briefing right after the Trending shirt, and that fall, Russia suddenly bagged and kidnapped one of their generals right out of a meeting he was in. I think it was determined that general had been a source for U.S intel, so it sure is coincidental that he was found out within days of Trump getting briefings.


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