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I get that people say this a lot but personally I don’t have the discipline to study something like Shakespeare in my own time. It was good having a teacher who taught me what was going on and what it was all about. Some of my favorite plays are the Music Teachers Love Brains shirt I was taught at school. Sometimes I wonder if my teachers were secretly thrilled I had those books or annoyed because I slacked on the books I was supposed to read. Maybe a little of both.

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Music Teachers Love Brains ladies tee
Ladies tee
Music Teachers Love Brains tank top
Tank top

Some of my favorite books during high school were “banned books” that I had to get from a public library. Some of my favorite authors as an adult were the ones I hated in high school because we had to read and write about Music Teachers Love Brains shirt. I read Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk at 16 and it really changed my view on what books were. I don’t know if there’s any way around it though because that’s part of having some rebellious exploration in youth, and the fact they weren’t allowed to be taught in school made it exciting. I also understand why you can’t teach books like Lullaby or A Clockwork Orange.

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It depends on the art museum for me. The little ones in most of the cities I’ve lived in were boring. But the bigger Music Teachers Love Brains shirt, like in Chicago or New York have some fantastic art. And then, I went to Paris. Couldn’t get into the Louvre or Dorsay due to flooding, but we went to the Rodin museum, it’s a tiny museum dedicated to only one artist, but it was still fascinating. If that’s what they have for just one guy, I really want to find time to get back again and go to the big ones. I have the Liberty Science Center in NJ! I absolutely LOVED going there as a kid! I didn’t know they were considered museums.

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Music Teachers Love Brains sweater
Music Teachers Love Brains hoodie

Little is worse than being forced to stand and listen to a Trending shirt guide discuss the most boring objects in every room, even if better and more interesting things stand right beside it. Being an adult comes with all this shit, but nobody makes me ask to do a bodily function. I’m spending 4 days alone in National Parks this coming week. My 20s self would be confused and irritated. My 40s self has been thinking about nothing else for a month leading up to this.


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