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More years passed, she was friends with my friends, works with my mom, it was inevitable we would see each other, but it was different than past ex’es. We held no ill will toward each other, acted like we were when together, just without the sex and fighting. We still text each Mimimingo shirt on birthdays, how cute is that? I’ve had amicable breakups, but they haven’t been 50/50. When I think, “amicable breakup,”

Mimimingo shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Mimimingo shirt
Mimimingo long sleeve
Long sleeve

I think of it as, “a hard conversation two people have and an understanding that the relationship has come to an end, and that we must part our separate Mimimingo shirt.” It doesn’t mean a friendly chat where both parties are going, “hurray, mutual break-up! :D” it just means that there wasn’t screaming and insults being thrown.

Mimimingo hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Mimimingo sweater
Mimimingo hoodie

My last break-up was amicable, yet one-sided, for instance. He called to break up with me and, after confirming that this wasn’t just a feeling he wanted to work through but a Mimimingo shirt on his part to deliver the “break-up talk,” I took a deep breath, and thanked him for the 2 years we’d been together, and that even though I was hurt, I was glad to be a part of his life a little bit.

Mimimingo case and mug

Mimimingo case
Mimimingo mug

I could’ve gone crazy or pleaded to him to make Mimimingo shirt work, but when he is not many words told me he didn’t love me anymore, what was there to fight about, or fight for? If I loved him, shouldn’t I respect his decision?


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