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What really got me about the whole interracial marriage thing was that the part they keep quoting is talking about marrying non-Jewish people, and even after the New Testament accepted Gentiles is generally accepted to mean don’t marry people outside of the faith. That is already limited by law, they are not allowed to discriminate against protected Mickey Halloween shirt. But we all know you dudes playing Devil’s Advocate in this thread would be screeching your heads off if employers decided to stop hiring straight white men in masse.

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No one is forcing anyone to work for them though. The people being forced here are these religious dolts. This isn’t about religious freedom, but freedom of choice, conscience, and association. An essential part of freedom is the right to do stupid, evil things like this, otherwise, freedom means nothing. No one needs the right to do what everyone already wants Mickey Halloween shirt to. How in the world is how it should work? That kind of “freedom” infringes on others’ freedoms. Employment is not a thing where you can go: “just don’t work there.” You don’t always have a choice. And depending on the field you’re in you may not have a choice at all.

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The actual point the DOJ makes about this, which Shareblue omitted, is that the fact Rost would be equally willing to fire both a biological man and biological woman who both refused to dress under the dress code of their assigned gender shows (in the DOJ’s opinion) that the policy does not favor one sex over the other, meaning it is permissible under federal non-discrimination Mickey Halloween shirt. He’s not discriminating against genders…he’s discriminating against trans, which I guess isnt a protected class?

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Does this make the Christian store owner, the good guy? No, but it explains how complex the law is in our Trending shirt. Like business that have different uniforms for their employees based on sex; old 50s dinners come to mind. This case just proves to me how incredibly ineffective it is for the government to try and regulate social norms. I just wish that society would evolve to a place where these kinds of cases are no more. By the way when did the answer to far right propaganda like Fox news become the left producing equally maddening left propaganda? I wish the left’s answer would be to dispell the myths and find the truth. Sounds like this article is about stirring moral outrage over misrepresentations of the facts.


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