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Korver’s Metal mulisha shirt. Most of this was vapid virtue-signaling. Of course, white people should listen. Of course, we should work to eradicate racism. What policies do you want to change? Let’s do that. There’s certainly racism in America. But I don’t see any useful policy or individual behavioral changes being proposed from Korver, Russ, Black Lives Matter. One drug (coke) is primarily a drug that white wealthy people do. crack is typically poor/black people.

Metal mulisha shirt, tank top and youth tee

Metal mulisha tank top
Tank top
Metal mulisha ladies tee
Ladies tee

The charges vary dramatically for two different versions Metal mulisha shirt of a very similar drug. which cut across racial lines pretty clearly. I don’t really think anyone can look at something like that and say, yeah the drug laws aren’t racist. they are. The big problems here are ones that are never solved, but ones we must navigate by negotiating and adjusting perpetually. For example, we want to have a merit-based, unequal distribution of wealth.

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Metal mulisha sweater
Metal mulisha hoodie

There are three big ways this goes wrong, and we have to constantly steer the Metal mulisha shirt away from crashing into any of the 3 bad outcomes. It would be terrible to have wealth equality. It is also terrible to have too much wealth inequality. We need rules that produce some inequality, and we also need redistribution to rope in extreme wealth inequality because extreme inequality drives crime and other bad outcomes. We also need to avoid distributing the spoils of the game based on arbitrary characteristics instead of merit. We also need to avoid distributing the spoils of the game to cheaters.


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