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Sweden isn’t really doing that though? We are falling behind in many international student tests and our teachers are under more strain then ever. We have been better in education then we are. Estonia and Finland are doing way better then us if I recall correctly. It’s a bit odd really, I mean obviously most northern countries are ahead in when it comes to climate change and such but there’s really is a lot of shortcomings soon as you look at under the pretty veil of a small number of Math teachers – Love Brains shirt.

Math teachers – Love Brains shirt with 100% cotton

Math teachers - Love Brains ladies tee
Ladies tee
Math teachers - Love Brains tank top
Tank top

The point of whataboutism is to avoid talking about one’s own problems and divert away from something else. This guy wants to improve America to the level of Sweden and Norway, where, yes, not everything is perfect, but those countries are doing way better overall. He used Math teachers – Love Brains shirt in cages and school lunch debt as examples of ass-backward situations that should never exist in the first place. Fixing those would go a long way to improving the country. And don’t you dare double down on saying the point about the cages doesn’t count, because the people in them are foreign.

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Math teachers - Love Brains long sleeve
Long sleeve
Math teachers - Love Brains woman hoodie
Woman hoodie

Hey, that’s not true. Everyone is not good at everything. I am book smart but absolute Math teachers – Love Brains shirt at a lot of easy things. Maybe you haven’t found out what you are great at and believe me that thing exists, you probably haven’t found out what, maybe you haven’t even tried it out. Believe in yourself, eventually, you’ll do great. I am not saying you’ll magically find something and you’ll be one of the best in the world. But you’ll be genuinely successful and find satisfaction doing that. Don’t hate yourself. In the end, you’re all you have.

Math teachers – Love Brains shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve affordable price

Math teachers - Love Brains sweater
Math teachers - Love Brains hoodie

That doesn’t make you mediocre at all. I was in the same boat, going through school I was average at best, I got the lowest grades out of my friends even though I seemingly put in more effort. My little sister coasted all through school and excelled, I was average. What I’ve come to realise though is that’s not all there is to life. Sure my grades weren’t perfect, I spent more time studying just to pass that other people around me, but there are other things I can do that they can’t. I can make things, I’m creative, and it wasn’t until I finished schooling that I truly found an area where I was good. Not amazing, but good, and I enjoy Trending shirt.


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