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I have this. My massage therapist says that it’s my shoulder and neck muscles pulling my collar bone out of place and the stretching is the bone resetting near the sternum. I guess my erector spinal muscles in my lower back aren’t relaxed enough and pull all the way up to my shoulder blades and neck. And then the tension from that affects the pull on my collar bone and Math I Love Pumpkin Pi shirt. She said I needed to sit less. I’ve been able to do this too late and I think it might be something from a bike accident I was in a few years back as I feel it right over where the doctors said I had somehow managed to scrape my lung without breaking a rib.

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Math I Love Pumpkin Pi ladies tee
Ladies tee
Math I Love Pumpkin Pi tank top
Tank top

From what my chiropractor has told me it’s actually your spine. So basically you stretch your back and the connected Math I Love Pumpkin Pi shirt flex back into place. But since they wrap around they basically pull on the area also connected to your sternum and basically by realigning your back you also realign the spots in your sternum. I’m not a doctor. But he was and it made sense so there you go. This is a great feeling. It’s like just about any “joint” cracking, really. With age, most people lose the ability to do it. I think I did recently, and it makes me a tad sad. It is really satisfying.

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Math I Love Pumpkin Pi long sleeve
Long sleeve
Math I Love Pumpkin Pi woman hoodie
Woman hoodie

Totally normal. It happens to literally everyone every now and then. It’s just when you turn your Math I Love Pumpkin Pi shirt too fast sometimes you pinch an nerve and piss it off. That’s why it feels searing hot and tingly. Nothing to worry about though. It hasn’t happened to me in a while, but it’s always painful at first, but then feels hot, then it cools down a bit until it’s almost pleasant, then it starts tingling, and it’s weird, but then the tingling becomes unbearable for a little bit before clearing up completely.

Math I Love Pumpkin Pi shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve affordable price

Math I Love Pumpkin Pi sweater
Math I Love Pumpkin Pi hoodie

I get the flooding warmth thing and I have always thought assumed that maybe I slept wrong/kinked my neck weird and the flooding feeling is the kink unkinking and additional spinal fluid or something finally able to arrive at the Trending shirt (head/brain). I think this because it usually happens in the morning when I’ve slept weird. I count myself lucky if a headache doesn’t arrive shortly after. I’m no expert and I don’t speak science, but I this happens to me and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a nerve getting like pressed wrong or something as I turn my head. Which would explain the pain at first from the pressure followed by the warmth as it spreads across the affected area?


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