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There’s just a wholly lacking awareness around nuance, what it means to exist in full-spectrum with awareness around existence. What it means for it to be ok that the people around you look and act different from you, again superficially, when in reality all humans need the same basic needs met to exist in a healthy way. Doesn’t matter if it’s sexual orientation, gender identity, Maltese Lovers Scary Moon Halloween shirt, color of skin.. the kind of people who need everyone else to fit in to their narrow definition of what is and isn’t ok in order for them to feel comfortable in the world is a) entitled narcissistic behavior level 100 and b) an entirely weak and un-evolved way of experience.

Maltese Lovers Scary Moon Halloween shirt with 100% cotton

Maltese Lovers Scary Moon Halloween ladies tee
Ladies tee
Maltese Lovers Scary Moon Halloween tank top
Tank top

Weakness (this one-dimensional thinking) has come to look like strength because there is profound clarity around one-dimensional acting. Predictability has become the new gold standard in politics, same as the old gold standard (but with fewer steps). where real leadership and someone that can teach through Maltese Lovers Scary Moon Halloween shirt what it means to be better and do better than one-dimensional exclusionary thinking (superficial discrimination). There is absolutely some kind of disconnect between the old and new schools. The old school has this idea it’s smart to discard the different looking parts of society, which speaks to a lack of proper discrimination, the light side of the same strong force.

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Maltese Lovers Scary Moon Halloween long sleeve
Long sleeve
Maltese Lovers Scary Moon Halloween woman hoodie
Woman hoodie

The old school discriminates based on old stories. White good, black bad, etc. Obtuse reasoning. New school discrimination is about lifestyle design and manifesting good into your world. The depth is complicated and murky a lot of the time, yet there is a reservoir to be tapped in that depth which leads to kind Maltese Lovers Scary Moon Halloween shirt. Out of this great global stagnation, caused by a lack of vision and leadership, the inclusive future is the only win-win option we have. This crazy, unstable, fragile experiment called humanity is only going to succeed when we embrace the strength our differences give us.

Maltese Lovers Scary Moon Halloween shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve affordable price

Maltese Lovers Scary Moon Halloween sweater
Maltese Lovers Scary Moon Halloween hoodie

Otherwise, we shit the planet and all continue to live in hell.. the ones “leading” have been blinded by past success and the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it mentality”. Lord, Grant us the good will to raise the tide together. Goddess, Grant the kindness required to overlook the many shortcomings of the people we do not align with politically, they are dumb but they did not ask to be born dumb. Santa, please all the good gifts on the day of celestial rebirth. Flying spaghetti monster, please make the Trending shirt tasty. And to you, if you’re still reading, get up and work for what you want. Don’t let them get you down.


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