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I used to know a man who was close with a family when he was growing up, and one Lovely halloween boxer in pocket shirt, the dad put poison (can’t remember what kind) in his children’s pixie sticks and they died. The worst part is that the dad encouraged his kids to eat the pixie sticks and even helped them when they weren’t eating them fast enough. Turns out, he’d just taken out life insurance policies on his kids. In my experience, these individuals have never met someone smarter than them and just assume they can outsmart everyone. But even a dumb cop can figure stuff like this out, in part because they ignore what the suspect has to say almost entirely.

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Dunno why but I thought of a better lie. Say you got the pixie stix from what looked like a late Lovely halloween boxer in pocket shirt/early college-aged guy who claimed to be in it for the free candy but didn’t like pixie stix. Believable, even if it paints you as naive/reckless, and also can’t be confirmed by simply going to where the person wouldn’t have moved from. Or if you plan to actually kill your kids and blame a rando then maybe drive them around different areas and lots of houses for trick or treating. Idk, poor planning on this guy’s behalf.

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I can just imagine this guy trying to make this shit up once he realized the cops were hot on his Lovely halloween boxer in pocket shirt. As soon as his voice quivered, or he gave the slightest sign that he was failing to deceive the cops, they likely hit him hard with questioning while watching him shake like a leaf and make up a wild story on the fly. Lying is crazy hard to maintain under pressure, cops are like bloodhounds when it comes to certain types of body language like that. Back when I was younger, I was a bit of a troublemaker. Nothing serious that hurts anybody, just stupid shit college-age idiots do when they think they’re smarter than the law.

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Neither of us ever talked again after it was all over. We got restitution, went our own Trending shirt, hit the big reset button on life, and became good successful people. I don’t think I’ve broken a law since and it been like 15 years. (Other than buying weed and small shit) In the end, I fully believe that the interrogations, court, and my short 3 weeks in jail were the best things to ever happen to me and probably saved my life.


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