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I honestly preferred when Freeform (Previously ABC Family) used to air older Christmas specials that doesn’t get that much attention or a bit obscure to the general Love halloween shirt (Especially from Rankin-Bass). That channel used to be more focused on lesser-known Rankin-Bass Christmas specials but started becoming a bit more Disney focused (sometimes not airing anything related to Christmas) in recent years. Thankfully, AMC currently still airs those specials starting in 2017.

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You hardly ever see Halloween or Christmas themed commercials anymore. The M&M one still plays after 20+ years thankfully, Kay still has Christmas themed Love halloween shirt too. But there aren’t many others. Maybe Lexus? They still do a bow wrapped car one every year I think. Also, as you said, having to find shows and stream them deliberately. All the classics still air, Rudolph, Frosty, The Grinch, etc. But they are always at odd times. I think last year those three all aired the week before Thanksgiving. For me, the Christmas season doesn’t start until Thanksgiving Day itself.

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One holiday that’s become almost non existent now is Love halloween shirt. Obviously the religious part of the holiday is still important for Christians, the commercial part has basically disappeared. I don’t even think of it unless I walk into a CVS the weeks prior. Outside of television, I think the decline of department stores and malls has had a big effect, especially with Christmas. Even if you still have a mall or a Macy’s near you, they don’t go all out spending thousands on decorations anymore like they use to. Plus I may only go once during the Christmas season, to buy a handful of things.

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Christmas is also one of the main reasons why my parents refuse to cut the cord with out Trending shirt. Cable TV made Christmas more exciting since you would look forward to seeing a specific Christmas special that only airs once or twice a year. While you can still do the same with DVD, VHS, or Streaming. It isn’t the same as waiting all year to see that specific Christmas or Holiday special again. Man this gives me so many good vibes of when Disney Channel was actually good and I would watch it in the mornings during vacation or after getting home from school. What a beautiful time that was.


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