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They have quite a bit of them, but it’s mostly the Love being a mimi shirt that were popular in the 2000s and 2010s(think of like the High School Musical trilogy and stuff like that). Also, I saw that Starz recently got the license for most of the recent animated Disney movies(Toy Story 3, Frozen, Inside Out, etc.) I don’t really want to link anything but I hope you know how many options there are and how easy it is to watch almost any movie online for free nowadays. As long as you have Adblocker it’s very simple.

Love being a mimi shirt with 100% cotton

Love being a mimi ladies tee
Ladies tee
Love being a mimi tank top
Tank top

Cable TV really made Holidays feel special. They had Halloween Love being a mimi shirt, Halloween specials, summer vacation bumpers, Christmas bumpers, the Suite Life of Zack and Cody was released the first day of summer vacation, I remember internal debates about trick or treating or watching a veritable windfall of dope new Halloween specials. I’ve had a similar feeling about it improving the holiday season. I love the feeling of waiting all year to see a specific Holiday special again on television. While it’s nice that you can own it on DVD, VHS, or watch it on a Streaming site.

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Love being a mimi long sleeve
Long sleeve
Love being a mimi woman hoodie
Woman hoodie

Now Christmas just feels Love being a mimi shirt. Devoid of spirit or flare. If I want to spend all day watching Christmas specials I have to look for them on each individual show very deliberately. I can’t turn on Nickelodeon and receive Spongebob Christmas, Hey Arnold Christmas, rugrats Christmas, Jimmy Neutron Christmas, Fairly odd Parents Christmas, and the rest. Ok, that’s the Always Sunny episode. Now to close Hulu and boot up Netflix. Ha! Classic episode from Pawnee. Back to Hulu.

Love being a mimi shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve affordable price

Love being a mimi sweater
Love being a mimi hoodie

Remember when a certain Holiday special used to air on TV and you just had to tune in to see it before it won’t air again until the next Christmas or Halloween? And remember when Easter Specials used to be a thing? I remember various animated TV specials used to make these types of specials but must have fallen out of fashion in later years. I remember one Alvin and the Chipmunks episode had Alvin visit Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny. I’ve been feeling like something is missing around the Trending shirt. I didn’t realize it was this exactly! Cable TV made holidays feel sooo much more special when I was a kid. Thank you for bringing this point to my attention!


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