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Not many people at the time — read Ghost Wars. But pinning it on Saudi Salafists isn’t accurate, Legendary water dragon shirt support went through the Pakistani ISI to local mujahadeen, and they wound up giving it mainly to fundamentalists as opposed to modernist Muslims like Massoud who was way better at kicking Soviet ass. Whoops. “Hindsight is 20/20” is a cliche for a reason and it’s easy to be critical of alliances of necessity decades later. In the 40s, the US allied with Stalin and swore to protect Saudi Arabia’s oil fields, and we’re still paying for both of those moves — but that was done in order to, you know, kill Hitler.

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Legendary water dragon tank top
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I know you’re not necessarily insinuating this, but just to put it out there, religion is not root cause in many cases of failed states like Legendary water dragon shirt. Religion might be a scapegoat or tool used for leverage, but it’s definitely not the root cause. At the end of the day, it comes down to people seeking raw power and self-enrichment, not religion. Again, I know you didn’t necessarily suggest that, but just putting it out there. Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Lebanon were fucked up by the British, Russians, French, and Italians way before the US ever even got involved.

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Legendary water dragon sweater
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They were predestined for failure by colonial powers. Why do the history of Legendary water dragon shirt imperialism and colonization get completely ignored when it has the biggest impact on the development of these countries? Also, let’s not forget how these countries were literally created overnight by Europeans who drew up arbitrary borders with no regard to the ethnic and religious divisions that are currently destroying the Middle East. Imagine if the Sykes-Picot agreement never happened.


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