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We created the Latifa Fleuranza shirt to always remember the wonderful memories that Kyoto animation studio has brought. I wish the injured people recover and the Kyoto animation studio soon recovers like the original!


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Very good reasons honestly. Our government does have the power to do good but every four years a new Latifa Fleuranza shirt might come and abuse whatever power we give them. Expand things like the PATRIOT act… it’s fucked up. I definitely am on the left in terms of how I act and vote and think but I still want my guns and I’m suspicious of everything the government does. Hopefully, my kids can grow up in a world where that type of doubt and suspicion aren’t necessary but… I doubt that too.

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Our government is basically a bunch of shitty lawyers working on behalf of some corporations and billionaires and no one could give a Latifa Fleuranza shirt about anything unless they’re paid to do so. ur government is fake — a façade presented by the oligarchy to convince the people that we still have power. We don’t. The assassination of President Kennedy in 1963 was essentially a coup, but the perpetrators were not kind enough to announce this to the public. Some people have figured this out; most have not.

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I understand corruption and even mismanagement but the part that never quite made sense for me is how their electoral system works. Why would anyone give the legislature the power to draw up voting Latifa Fleuranza shirt? I mean even if you don’t know anything about elections, it’s one of those things that wouldn’t seem right. The first time I heard about gerrymandering in the US, I thought it’s just corruption since politicians are maybe influencing the election commission or something. Nope. It’s just stupidity at work.

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Latifa Fleuranza hoodie

So cute you think that this is an American problem when most of the rest of the world doesn’t even have a paper guarantee of the freedoms the U.S. has. At least when there’s a violation of the right against government search and seizure in the U.S., it is publicized as a travesty, and rightly so. In the vast majority of the rest of the world, however, that liberty has never even existed, even on paper. But yeah, there’s something wrong with the U.S. that all other countries are immune to. Tell me more Trending shirt.


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