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My expenses are around 25% of my income. I save 25% in retirement savings like 401k and IRA. 25% is short term investments and real estate which becomes secondary income. 25% is fun money I blow on anything I want. If my expenses ever creep past 25% I evaluate and cut until I get back to 25%. With this Just the tip I promise shirt, I’m set to replace my primary income with secondary income and retire in my early 40s. Apparently this is extremely uncommon for someone in the millennial generation.

Just the tip I promise shirt with 100% cotton

Just the tip I promise ladies tee
Ladies tee
Just the tip I promise tank top
Tank top

I can’t even imagine this. With a roommate, rent, car insurance, car payment and utilities all equal just over 50% of my income. Add internet, an unusually hot year, food and gas, and that’s another 25%. I can’t even think about retiring before 65 right now and I’m living more comfortable than a lot of my friends. I’m happy you’re in such a good place! Every time I look at stats on debt, Just the tip I promise shirt, net worth etc for my generation, I fall into the top 5% or so. No debts at all, credit score over 500, current savings on average, amount able to save per month, etc. So I’m screaming ahead on paper, yet banks look at me and go “lol, good one mate.” when I walk in and discuss mortgages when my salary gets mentioned.

The best trending shirt with limited quantity always full size and color

Just the tip I promise long sleeve
Long sleeve
Just the tip I promise woman hoodie
Woman hoodie

A couple of days ago I noticed some new plants on my property. I took some pics and got some help identifying them and it turns out I have an S3 ranked species, which means it’s thought there are only 20-100 individuals present in the entire province. This is at least as awesome to middle-aged me as getting to drive a Porsche was when I was a Just the tip I promise shirt. I couldn’t think of anything so boring as gardening. Now I go see my guy every once in a while, where he shows me his up-and-coming crop, and sends me home with some lovely flowers.

Just the tip I promise shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve affordable price

Just the tip I promise sweater
Just the tip I promise hoodie

Plants are just drama queens. You’ll find one that lives! I had a monstera that would NOT live in my Trending shirt. He kept trying to die. So I got frustrated and put him outside on my patio. Now, I live in Toronto, it should have died since it’s gotten cold now. it’s thriving outside with the rains and cool. I walk by it every morning and give it a glare since it hates me so much. My new monstera for inside is doing great though.


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