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I’m part of a FB group for girls in my state. Last summer, my husband went overseas to visit his family for a little over a month. He hadn’t seen them in almost three years and as happy as I was for him, I was struggling because we’d never been apart that long. I made a post in the group sharing my feelings and asking if anyone else went through a Jeep halloween face shirt like mine, and how they coped. These people prey on others. They don’t care about you, they care about how much they can sell or how many people they can enroll.

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I got a message from a seemingly sweet girl. She sympathized with me and chatted with me, which made me feel good since I don’t have many friends around here. But a week or so later, she sent me this weird audio recording from a Rodan & Fields Jeep halloween face shirt, trying to make it sound “amazing” and “exciting.” I didn’t really know how to respond. Then she started asking me what I do for work if I like it, and what I use for skincare. I instantly shut her down and told her I wasn’t interested. She never tried contacting me again, except for a lukewarm “Happy Birthday, girl!!!” message a few weeks later.

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I’m so sorry that happened to your wife. When I moved 14 years ago, the same thing, a new city with no friends. I met this other mom at a playground and started talking. I thought wow she’s really friendly. I got this spark of hope that I’d finally found a friend. I was almost going to ask if she wanted to meet there another day or at one of the other playgrounds/ swimming pool with our Jeep halloween face shirt. And then BAM! She starts trying to sell me Mary Kay makeup. I was mildly heartbroken. So I tell her that my cousin sells it and if I’m interested in anything, I’d get it from my family member, not her.

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That sounds like false hope, and finally being strung along to be let down big-time. Good on ya for being attentive to how she’s feeling. To tell you the truth, I don’t trust many people these Trending shirt either. I try to figure out people’s intentions real quick and see if they align with mine. Another thing is, people, make friends based on proximity – and that means where you work, go to school, and nearby neighbors will be easiest to befriend because they will grow more familiar to both parties and interaction will seem more natural over time.


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