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These folks aren’t going to be retired from active duty because of this, what is going to happen is that they are no longer allowed to be put in a position where they can be captured; which is a nice way of saying they’re never going to be deployed again. This is kinda the reason this type of person has devoted their lives to the cause; they relish being the tip of the I smell children shirt, going into a place so far away from support with the best of the best and coming home after doing what many would consider impossible. So take that away, and what do you get? A guy with million-dollar training and no ability to use it.

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At first, he’s going to go to the schoolhouse, training the next generations of folks to do what he did. Then after a period of time, he’s going to go be on a staff somewhere doing management type activities or acting as a I smell children shirt on Special Operations viewpoints at the Pentagon or something. What he’s not gonna be doing is pulling triggers for a living. And those are normal activities that all Soldier/Sailors do. But its a rotation. After that schoolhouse and staff job, you’re suppoosed to go back to the force and keep doing what you’re meant to do.

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But he won’t be able to. He gets a rotation of what he considers a shit job, then as a pallet I smell children shirt, he gets… another job. He sees his friends get to do cool stuff. His buddies that he went on secret missions far from home probably are gonna get hurt or maybe even killed in the act of doing the job they both signed up for. And its gonna eat him up. What would happen to you if your best friend was hurt because you couldn’t be there for him? And the reason you are in this is that you took a selfie. You should have been there by the side of your best man at the wedding, keeping him safe… He’s gonna have Survivor’s guilt from hell.

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Or this guy reads the tea leaves I’ve written above and punches out. The only rule that stops him from being deployed is a military thing. Its there so that when he is captured he can pretend to be a random Trending shirt. So that when he’s being interrogated, he can’t give up super-secret shit that they know the infamous SEALs would know. He gets to be a random MP asked to come on this convoy and pull security while these badasses did the cool shit and he somehow got left behind.


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