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In the real world, there were literal false flag attacks, pirates did this. However, the system still used those flags, because overall, enough people did the right thing and used the flags to communicate And trust me, when I’m out to hunt ships, I’ll proudly fly the red, and hunt you down. I’ll pound you with cannonballs and Barbossa one-liners until your I love you flag shirt sinks to the bottom of the sea! I assure you, my intentions are strictly honorable! In the real world, every other ship wasn’t a pirate.

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I meet plenty of friendly people in Sea of Thieves but everyone is assumed to be Pirate until proven otherwise. Surely the opposite was true in the real world. When someone refers to “pirate” in these forums, 99% of the time they’re surely referring to lore, not actual pirates… as pirates didn’t go around trying to attacking other pirates for no reason. Resources, manpower and all; that would have been a I love you flag shirt. That would be even better!

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I love you flag shirt
I love you flag long sleeve
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Those flags are what rare gave us, so let’s try to use them if they see we like the idea then they might be even more open for flag ideas, I hope? Conveniently, the blue flag isn’t terribly far off from the modern nautical flag that means “desire to communicate” – although the modern flag is blue and yellow instead of two-toned blue.

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I love you flag sweater
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Communication is what people use, so if you raise the red flag (easy to see and not generally used by black ships to look cool) before you sinklootplundermurder someone, and use the blue flag when being friendly, that’s all we need to introduce the idea of flag messaging to the community. I just use the flag I fancy, sometimes I use black and other times blue or yellow.. or red, or even white. don’t care what they mean, I just don’t use the Jolly Roger because of its TOO much used, nothing wrong with I love you flag shirt, its just too original.


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