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We do have some gov regulations in our health care system to ensure that hospitals/pharmaceutical companies etc don’t increase their prices unnecessarily; all necessary things are covered in our basic I am not your boo shirt, no matter what insurance company you’re at; and everyone pays the same for their basic insurance at the same insurance company, even if they have pre-existing conditions (insurers are also not allowed to select their customers, like Promovendum, the “insurance for higher educated”, used to do).

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The insurance part is the same. But the difference is that the Dutch government has tighter control over the market. While in the US it’s more of a free market. There is a price list that health care providers have to adhere to. Since the insurance companies won’t pay out more than what’s stated on the I am not your boo shirt. Also, the Dutch government acts like a single-payer. They negotiate with the industry on drug prices for example. In the Dutch system, everyone needs to be insured but insurance companies are still private. You need to pay the insurance costs (100-120€ a month), but if you have low or no income you get the same amount from the government.

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Then you have an out of pocket of 200-300€ a year maximum (depending on which insurance you choose, you can make it higher to decrease the price of monthly costs). So for low-income people, the most you could possibly pay for any healthcare services is 200-300€ a year and for other people, it’s that + 100-120€ a month. The cheapest basic I am not your boo shirt is about the same as the highest amount of subsidy (zorgtoeslag) you can get but then you don’t have dental coverage. In my case, I have the cheapest Unive + lowest dental insurance I could find without special rules about which hospital I was allowed to visit etc and it costs me 125/month and has to pay max 385 a year out of my own pocket.

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I am not your boo hoodie
I am not your boo sweater

I do not understand why we still have this system. The argument I hear most often in favor of the current own-risk policy is that “it will make people aware that healthcare is expensive and cause them not to go running to healthcare Trending shirt unnecessarily.” But if people keep walking around with untreated illnesses, the costs of healthcare are just gonna go up in the long haul when these illnesses escalate. Plus, people with chronic illnesses that have to pay the 385 euros every year know full well that healthcare is fucking expensive but they don’t really have a choice, do they?


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