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Wotan is the leader of the Gods in a trilogy of Operas written by Richard Wagner known as Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung) which is based on Norse mythology. The Nazis love Wagner and played his music and operas all the time. That’s where the name comes from. This is one of the worst screw-ups I’ve seen on Heckin’ Spoopy shirt. Who thinks that it’s fine to dump nuclear waste, which is the byproduct of nuclear bombs and power plants which kill people, into the local canal, then build right over it. People spend long time in their houses, so if they raise a child, for example, in one house, then move, they are still exposed for over 18 years.

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I grew up 2 miles from the LOOW (lake Ontario ordinance works) site, and my dad grew up on 89th street in Niagara Falls in the ’40s. He says that he remembers sitting on the train tracks as a kid watching the Hooker Chemical trucks bring in 55gal drums to the Heckin’ Spoopy shirt. That whole area was contaminated with all sorts of nasty stuff. So what did they do? They bulldozed it over and built houses on it, of course. Then in the 70s when people were noticing toxic sludge in their basements, kids feet were being literally burned by the high levels of phosphorous in the ground, and people were getting sick they acted like they knew nothing.

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Eventually, people sued and the whole area was evacuated. They tried to clean it up, but they basically put tons of dirt and clay over the area as a cap, and it’s all fenced off. You can see it when you drive east on the Niagara Falls expressway to Towanda. For the Lewiston storage site (also known as the NFSS Niagara Falls storage Heckin’ Spoopy shirt), I’ve read documents where they had hazardous storage barrels sitting exposed to the elements, with seepage and all that. Again, they’ve covered everything with clay to stop it, but it’s already in the ground. The bad thing is that there’s a large elementary and high school (Lewiston Porter) about 2 miles from the site.

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Military waste is way worse than civilian waste and comes from an era of reduced Trending shirt. Pretty much any site involved with early bomb development should be a superfund site and should be retained indefinitely by the government. Military lax regulations for environmental impact isnt limited by nuclear either. Groom lake aka area 51 is purported to be extremely toxic due to various chemical leaks and dumps and testing around the lake.


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