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They should do this more often. Make multiple sequels and multiple timelines for hit Happy Halloween shirt. They could even release movies from both timelines simultaneously. Just make it clear with the title which timeline you’re seeing. Fans could choose to be on team badass Laurie or team victim Laurie. I’m with you on that. Although there are definitely issues (the mask in 4 is fucking horrible, some the dialogue is awful), it probably comes closest to capturing the feel of the original.

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I saw it on a double feature with The Faculty at a drive-in theater with my Dad, older Happy Halloween shirt, and older sister. It was awesome! I was only 12 at the time and scared the bejesus out of me. I remember just thinking the faculty was cool, as I think there was some nudity in it, too. 12 year old me loved that. I also like the fact they’re gonna ignore Laurie and Micheal being siblings. It’s more terrifying for Micheal to hunt down random people since he is what it is: a psychotic, mindless killer that does his deeds with no end in sight. I hope this catches the slow pace of the original and builds slow. Jaime Lee Curtis is gonna kill it.

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And it doesn’t have nearly as much action as this film seems to have. There’s no house of traps and secret Happy Halloween shirt, no Myers going house to house and murdering left and right, no multiple murder sequence in a bathroom, no bus crash escape sequence, no Laurie chasing Michael in the streets, etc. etc. etc. There appears to be way more happening in this movie than in the original by quite a lot. Well, they have to sell the suspense. I have seen plenty of films balance this act before, and I think this one can easily manage.

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I would agree with that… but if that’s the structure it leaves virtually no time at all for the teenage Trending shirt… which has me worried we’re in force lot of paper-thin slasher movie victim fodder in lieu of character development for anyone not named Laurie Strode. In which case it will have the same exact problem That H20 had. A solid core with Laurie/Jamie Lee Curtis’s performance surrounded by nothing but fluff all around her. “Have you seen Halloween? No, not the remake. No, not the original. The sequel. No, not the original sequel to the original. No, not the sequel to the remake.


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