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That’s so paranoid. No first world country out there uses gun control to destroy Halloween teacher shirt. These processes happen through political means – by taking over key positions in the judicative and executive with ideological hardliners. Guns aren’t even a part of the equation. Look at Turkey and it’s coup attempt a few years back if you want an impression of how an authoritarian takeover and resistance against it looks like in the 21st century. Being thinking, feeling human makes you eligible for gun ownership. It is a right, ordained by the creation and ensured by the government that is supposed to protect that sacred right.

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IMO, this is why some sort of gun control should be implemented. We can’t police our neighbors and hope they’ll have proper gun safety habits, and we can’t really expect our kids to see dangerous situations and stop playing with another kid “just in case something bad happens”. Get people through a training, and make it possible to revoke a Halloween teacher shirt. Make ownership a responsibility, like driving a car. The 2nd amendment is there to prevent the government to start removing licences for no reason and prevent people from getting them.

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And it’s been obvious for a long time now that you can’t distribute guns and rifles to ordinary citizens in the way it’s been done in the US. If you know people in your life that shouldn’t be trusted to handle a Halloween teacher shirt. Then you’d have to accept that they can access a gun and accidentally shoot people, or endanger families and friends by owning one. It’s not a right if not everyone should have it. Owning a gun is a responsability people should earn, not by simply buying it.

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Halloween teacher sweater
Halloween teacher hoodie

And if you ask me, I’d only trust trained and easily recognizable professionals (such as a decently trained, vetted and accountable police force) with guns in my vicinity. Much rather that than have a Trending shirt, lunatic, suicidal person or petty thief getting legal access to guns. If unlawfully getting access to guns is a crime, you’ve got a chance to stop them before they do anything else. If getting access to guns gets harder, they won’t use real guns and the mortality rate of petty crimes, household accidents and suicides will go down by a lot.


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